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Where to Go Scuba Diving in Cebu?

Scuba Diving in Cebu Philippines
If you have never visited the Cebu Philippines, then you are really missing out. This is a large archipelago region and its home of some of the best scuba diving sites in all of the world. Scuba diving in Cebu is an opportunity to take a look into the life of some marine animals that have rarely been seen by human eyes. People who love spending time in the sun and time under water, enjoying the view, will love scuba diving in Cebu. Scuba diving makes up a lot of the tourist business in Cebu Philippines and over time some of the best scuba diving spots have been marked.

Cabilao Island

If you are looking for just one spot for scuba diving in Cebua, then you should head to the Cabilao Island. This is an island that sits firmly in the Visayan Sea, just between the nearby islands of Cebu and Bohol. The Cabilao Island is one of the most serene and beautiful scuba diving spots in the entire world. You can dive from Cabilao during any time of the year, which means you can choose time when the tourist population is low and you can enjoy the waters alone. There are three distinct diving locations on the Cabilao Island and they are all three worth the trip to enjoy. In the house reef you’ll fined exotic scorpion fish and seahorses.

The Mactan Island

Another great island is the Mactan Island, which is only a short hop from the city of Cebu and the airport where you’ll be arriving. The Mactan Island is the scuba diving spot that is most frequently visited by tourists, so it’s likely that you’ll run into some other divers, depending on what time of year it is. The Mactan Island draws tourist for a variety of reasons, not just scuba diving alone. There is actually a beautiful Taoist Temple that has 81 steps, one for each chapter in the scriptures. While you are there enjoying the marine life, you should take a detour to visit the temple yourself and have someone read your fortune once you reach the top.

There are actually more diving spots in Cebu, from the Mactan island, Bantayan island and even the Malapascua island. But here in Cebu Trip Tours we have the scuba diving package ready for you where you can choose from the diving spots like Mactan,┬áHilutungan,┬áNalusuan,┬áTalima and House reef which you’ll surely enjoy.

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