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The Best Time of the Year in Cebu

Cebu Weather

The tropical climate of Cebu experiences relief from the breeze that blows over the City due to the Pacific Ocean. At night the temperature does drop slightly but during the day temperatures range from 26 degrees Celsius up to 38 degrees Celsius.

The winter months in Cebu city can experience temperatures on average of about 18 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Winter season is between October and February, so there’s no snow in Cebu Philippines but there might be cold winds on the Ber Months (months that ends with BER – e.g. OctoBER). Summer starts late in February and ends in May, but for the students in the Philippines summer starts on the last week of March. The hottest months of the year are March and even April where the highest Cebu weather is experienced, so if you’re not used with the HOT Cebu weather then better make sure you could stay at a place that is better outside but no worries you can go for a Cebu island hopping to enjoy the tropical heat.

If you are looking to visit this City for a holiday anytime between December and May are good months for your vacation. December being the cooler time in contrast to April a hot and dry time of the year. In the mid summer and late summer months Cebu weather can reach up to 40 Degrees Celsius

In late June high volumes of rain are experienced and these include torrential downpours. Some roads become impassable at this time so it is advisable not to visit Cebu at this time of the year.

Cebu is an iconic destination for travellers to visit as there are a variety of activities, events and sights to see. Cebu is known to be a fun and fascinating place for most holiday makers. Old world and modern are mixed up into this interesting place.

Cebu is situated in Central Philippines and experiences a moderation in sunny weather, even in monsoon season which falls between June and October. For holiday makers the best months to experience this city would be January. In January the Sinulog Festival is held and this is regarded as one of the biggest events of the year.

Other good months to visit the Philippines would be between November and December and then between March and May. The city is quiet easy to navigate for most travellers and is considered relatively safe. The taxi services on offer will be easy to find and will be helpful in getting tourists to and from destinations.

Top rated resorts are situated about 30minutes out of the city and many beautiful heritage sites, restaurants and malls. Cebu boasts beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, good food, exciting night life and adventure and fun filled events throughout the year.

There are vast ranges of activities on offer that can cater for all types of people from adults to children. Young travellers or couples can experience diverse and exciting night life activities. Cebu is well known for its top class shopping venues and travellers have the opportunity to shop at some of the best shops in the world.

The Filipinos of Cebu are known to be hospitable and courteous to foreigners that visit the city. Cebu experiences great tropical weather and even the winter months are pleasant for Cebu weather patterns. If you are looking for a holiday destination that can offer you fun filled activities and endless things to do Cebu city is the place for you.

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