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Mount Pinatubo Extreme Adventure

The Revered Mountain

(whole day tour )

To the Aetas, the country’s semi-nomadic Negrito tribes, Pinatubo was no ordinary mountain. The 1,745 meter peak straddling the provinces of Pampanga, Zambales, and Tarlac in the central part of Luzon Island in the Philippines is home to this ethnic people. Considered an inheritance from their ancestors, Pinatubo is the place where the Aetas believe they can freely commune with departed spirits of their forefathers whom they believe inhabit the animals, trees and mounds of earth that abound there. Traditionally animists, the Aetas have considered Pinatubo as sanctuary as they struggle to survive through game hunting and crop-gathering while holding fast to their pagan practice of animal and tree worship. More than a home and a sanctuary of worship, however, Pinatubo is the Aetas’ ‘Holy of Holies’, the inner sanctum where their supreme God, the Apo na Mallari, dwells.

Erupted on June 12, 1991, over 5 billion tons of volcanic ash was produced, about 86,000 hectare
farmland was damage. 300,000 people evacuated and succeeding towns and municipality was affected for about 2 weeks because of the ash fall.

Today – Take a trek into the “lahar lands” of Crow Valley. Walk along the canyon walls of ash and rocks piled on by the explosive and earth-changing eruption of the century. Cross clear mountain streams or hot sulfur streams. Trek over ash, sand rocks and boulders the size of cars. The closer you get to the top – the rocks get much larger and the stream cooler and drinkably sweet.

Tour Inclusions:
Whole Day Tour / Service of the professional guide /Roundtrip Transfers aircon Van from manila and Return
Service of the 4 x 4 Jeepney rough riding for one hour /Entrances fees and Toll fees / Lunch /Local Aeta guide / free use of shower room /Conservation Fees /

Date of Departure : At your own date /depending on weather condition

The safest and best time to scale the mountain is during the summer months of January to April. This route continues directly to the Crater Lake with the highest elevation of 1000 meters above sea level.

Estimated departure from the hotel in Manila 05:00H


One person Usd $ 320 / person
2 person Usd $ 180 /person
3 person or more Usd $ 120 / person

Advance booking and payment required to secured sure seats

For bookings and more info, please contact:

2nd level, The Persimmon Plus, MJ Cuenco Ave., Mabolo, Cebu City
Tel Nos.: +6332-2685470 ; +639176278855



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