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While enjoying the sunshine of summer, dressing appropriately for the heat enhances comfort and enjoyment of activities. Finding something to wear during the summer in different social situations that will both look good and keep you comfortable often creates a dilemma. Fortunately, several options exist that satisfy both style and comfort.

1.     Hose

While adding a welcome layer of warmth in the winter, panty hose also produce excess heat in the summer. To avoid the panty-hose conundrum, More Magazine recommends going bare legged and using a self-tanning product on the legs instead. Tanning creams or sprays make legs appear bronzed without subjecting you to the damaging UV rays of the sun or a tanning booth. Not wearing hose allows for ventilation and cooler temperatures on a hot day.

2.     Tops

Tops with three-quarter sleeves provide coverage for the upper arm area that many women prefer to hide, while leaving much of the arms uncovered and open to fresh air. Likewise, cropped jackets provide a professional appearance while helping to keep the wearer cooler than a traditional suit jacket could. Shells come in endless styles and provide a lightweight alternative to a blouse or sweater. A quality shell covers undergarments sufficiently while leaving arms and the neck area free to breathe. Adding a jacket over the shell gives a very professional look for important business appointments or job interviews.

3.     Dresses

Made of lightweight fabrics, summer dresses help women keep cool in the heat while adding color and style to her appearance. Unlike pants, dresses allowing air to pass through, keeping the person cooler and more comfortable. recommends using a sarong, which gives a dress-like appearance. Sarongs look fashionable when tied around the waist over shorts or a bathing suit, while providing additional coverage.

4.     Active Wear

For outdoor activities in the summer, the gardening website recommends runner’s clothing. Designed to whisk moisture away from the skin, sweat evaporates and keeps us cooler. Avoid tight-fitting garments in the summer heat to keep cooler, as they prevent heat from escaping. The choice of sleeve length depends upon the activity. For instance, when climbing, long sleeves provide protection against scrapes and cuts on the arms and legs.

5.     Hats

Wearing a hat provides constant shade from the summer sun. They also prevent sunburn on the face. For every kind of summer activity imaginable, a hat exists that suits it. For instance, hats designed for beachwear or swimming keep the head cooler and float, making it easy to retrieve should it come off. For social occasions, such as weddings, beautifully designed straw hats come in many colors and embellishments.

6.     Sun-Protective Clothing

Originating from Australia, sun-protective clothing provides lightweight garments that breathe, while giving full protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Hats, blouses, shirts and accessories for offer protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


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