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Cebu Philippines – Your Unique Getaway Destination

Cebu Philippines

One of the most popular travel destinations for people is the beach. People love to play in the sun, sand and ocean. Plus, all the activities available to people in a beach location make for a memorable vacation. But, if you are looking for a unique beach destination, then you may want to consider Cebu Philippines.

Cebu Philippines is comprised of 167 islands. The region boasts hundreds of miles of coastline and beaches. Other geographic features include highlands, plains and mountains. With the wide range of geographic landscapes there are many nature-oriented activities for people to enjoy. The beach is definitely the most popular destination, but there are other places to visit for people with different tastes.

Cebu City is the capital of the province. This large metropolitan area is made up of four other cities called Danao City, Mandaue City, Talisay City and Lapu-Lapu City. They comprise a large metropolitan area and are the central area for commerce and industry of the area.

English is pervasive in the area as it is taught in the local schools. It is also used throughout industry and commerce in the area. So, most travelers should be able to get by with speaking English while visiting. However, other languages are used in Cebu. These include Chinese, Tagalog, Waray-Waray and Hiligaynon. However, the official language of Cebu Philippines is Cebuano.

One very popular activity for people visiting the area is diving. The area is renowned for its great diving options. On Mactan Island there are many great diving locations and resorts. In fact there are more than 75 different ones to choose from. They will arrange for day trips to many fantastic diving locations in the waters around the islands. Also, since we’re talking about beaches here, why not consider having a Cebu island hopping and feel the tropical sun, meet the sea creatures as well.

One item you may want to pick up as a souvenir when visiting is one of the locally made acoustic instruments. You can pick up an acoustic guitar, banjo or ukulele from one of the expert craftsman in the area. If this interests you, be sure to visit Maribago on Mactan Island. This is where you will find most of the craftsman in Cebu’s guitar industry. You can even watch them make them in person. Through the entire process only one person works on each guitar. It is not done by machine or a fancy industrial process. Furthermore, the entire process takes about a month for each guitar to be completed.

A good place to visit for entertainment is Colon Street. Here you will find many stores for shopping, picking up souvenirs or just killing some time. You can also find many fantastic museums and historical monuments. There are also a few theaters to visit and take in a show. Colon Street is also known as the oldest street in the Philippines.

Taking a trip or vacation and tour Cebu Philippines should be considered for anyone looking for a unique place to visit. With its wide variety of geography, diverse ethnicity and natural beauty it can prove to be a memorable vacation destination for anyone looking to get away.

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