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Cebu Island Hopping on a Vacation

cebu island hopping
If you are are planning a vacation for a few months from now, and decided that Cebu island hopping is definitely going to be a part of the itinerary. There are just too many things that surely I would guess that you are excited to do to limit ourselves to just one locale!

For instance, on the south east coast of Cebu, there is a famous activity that surely all of us will be very excited to participate in. That area has become known for whale watching.

However, by implementing Cebu island hopping into our plans, you can also take advantage of dive sites in the Cebu resorts – for instance, the ones on Hilutungan and Nalusuan Islands – and not to mention the island hopping adventure package that we offer.

The truth is, there is simply too much to do on the islands for  – and generally all over Cebu Philippines and you may also want to consider Cebu to Bohol tour – to limit ourselves by not using Cebu island hopping as part of our travel plan!  It’s advisable for the adventurous souls who love to travel and if you don’t like to be restricted by overly planned itineraries for be tied down to one geographic location that does not give us the freedom to spread our wings and go adventuring and exploring wherever our hearts on our instincts lead us.

In the past, if you have had great experiences backpacking through Europe and other similar places because of the fact that you could travel freely without a set itinerary. What appeals to us about that way of traveling was that it was open and free and unfettered – if you have not tied down to any one specific geography, but rather could travel around to the local places of interest without being limited.

When going to a series of islands, you should never consider a trip if you did not know that it was going to be easy to travel from islands to island – as easy as it was to hop on a train during our years backpacking around Europe. That is just the sort of travelers you are.

Of course, this travel style does not appeal to everyone. Many people are the kind of vacationers that simply like to layout around the pool and order drinks all day. That is their idea of a relaxing escape from the pressures of the day-to-day. That is completely valid – it is just not the sort of people you are, and that is not the sort of vacation you would look for!

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