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Boracay Paradise!

Breathtaking, fascinating, unique, relaxing, fun…. and a lot more, are best to describe this tropical island-paradise called, Boracay. Known to be one of the best beaches in the world and as the world’s number one tropical beach, Boracay is truly the jewel of the Philippines. Journey along the sea breeze, the captivating beaches, the hospitality of people would surely make your day.


Boracay Island was described as a dog bone-shaped and it’s approximately 200 miles south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay is accessible by land, sea or air transport.

Boracay is one of the dream destinations of most tourists both local and foreign. The thought of setting foot in a white, powdery-sand beach has always been fascinating. The best part of the island is the four-kilometer White Beach known to be the world’s finest. The surrounding water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago. Though there are certainly a lot of places all over the world that offers the same kind of sand or sea, there will always be just one Boracay.

The Month of October- June is the best month to visit the Island. A day or two in Boracay is simply not enough to experience and enjoy what this haven has to offer. Daytime pleasures are filled with sunbathing, snorkeling, hiking, resort hopping and just plain having fun on the beach. Boracay also offers a wide range of water sports. Moreover getting a body tattoo, or shop that can be found almost everywhere. From souvenir shops, handcrafted jewelries and other boutiques that offers almost anything for the guests. D’Mall is the only famous mall in Boracay that has everything you need from supermarkets, department stores that answer all guests and tourists shopping needs. Afterwards, the Island offers you a nice and different relaxing massage you could encounter from a simple foot massage and spa services that revitalizes not just the body but the entire human being for you to get ready for the nightlife pleasures that awaits you.

Way beyond Boracay’s beaches is the people that complete the Island. The people of Boracay are very laid back and friendly. Every year they set festivities and activities that most people would love to witness.

This starts in celebrating the Boracay International Funboard Cup, Fil-American Golf Cup, Ati-Atihan sa Boracay, International Paraw Cup Challenge, locals and tourists unleash their imagination and create sand castles with lanterns that light up the night in the annual Sand lantern Contest, a 3-day Boracay Dive Olympics, hosts the annual Nestea Beach Volleyball Tournament, the Boracay Food Festival that caters best in Filipino food and delicacies, a right place to party for reggae enthusiasts as they celebrates Boracay Beach Reggae Festival for 3 straight days and there’s a lot more to feast that will surely entice guests to visit Boracay once again.

Boracay Escapade:

  • Daytime Pleasures – water activities that tickle the fancy of every visitors, banana boat ride, skim boarding, snorkeling, beach volleyball, adrenalin rush in windsurfing,

Kite and surf boarding, but more than just the array of water sports the island offers other exciting experience, you can either go horseback riding, a game of tennis, guided mountain biking, island trekking or hiking, wall climbing, but for the others who want to cap their stay with a game on the greens, Boracay offers golf course to stun you with its sea views & natural splendor.

  • Shopping Getaway– there is a wide variety of gift shops and boutiques along the beach path and in D’ Mall. In addition to the crowded stalls that you expect in Asia, Boracay also has several high-end stores including clothing, art and household items. Anywhere on Boracay, you’ll be approached to buy a variety of items including handcrafted jewelry made of shells, fresh fruit, souvenir shops and more.
  • Nightlife Pleasures – the action steps up at night when the throbbing lights and sounds of disco bars, live bands, and videoke shops pull in a great crowd of night owls. Partygoers may up to indoor disco dancing, dance on sandy grounds as bands play outdoors playing jazz, rock, mellow and disco songs but if you’re in a romantic type, there are guitarists or pianists who can serenade you as you spend a romantic candle light dinner with a loved one.
  • Wellness Retreats – to complete your day, Boracay offers many wellness spa and sanctuaries to answer the growing demand of luxurious pampering. From a simple foot massage to a variety of wellness retreats, they may rejuvenate the whole body, also includes a native way like Hilot, avails of ear candling, hot stone massage, spa, sauna rooms and experience exfoliating body scrubs using chocolates, coffee or herbs. Try the first and favorite offering of one of the demand spa in Boracay that offers a deep water therapy called Watsu.
  • White Beach – the main tourism beach of Boracay, where the bulk of the Island’s commercial establishments, hotels, resorts, restaurants and lodging houses can be found. The Sunsets on white beach are legendary and picturesque. The White beach is the crowning glory of Boracay. The restaurants that offers cuisine including Filipino seafood, French, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Thai, etc., plus trendy boutiques, craft shops, cozy beach bars, lively discos, sensous massage centers and water sports outlets. It is White beach that breaths life to the island.


  • Island Hopping – a whole day starts with an adventurous experience with a trip into Bulubadiangan Island with pristine blue waters and sandbars, then hop to Tambaliza, other than those mentioned a sight of Pan de Azucar, the fabled limestone mountain that if you want to be more adventurous enough you could take a minute to try climb the mountain and be rewarded with different orchids and a great view through the Island of Concepcion. You could end your day, snorkeling, diving and swimming.
  • Water-Based Sports – if you want to experience a wild river adventure, Libacao in Boracay considered as the longest “wild river” in the Philippines and a wild river rafting is encouraged for an adventurous tourists. Other than river rafting, you can always look up in the beaches of Boracay, a friendly encounter with nemo while snorkeling and diving, wind surfing, banana boat ride, skim boarding, rentals for surfboards are available and a lot of things to choose from, just visit here in Bora-Bora.
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